Indoor air quality has a strong impact on the health and well-being of building users, with low quality air being linked to a range of respiratory health problems, allergens, and airborne illnesses (including the common cold, RSV, flu, and Covid 19). Regular air duct cleaning can reduce the presence of airborne contaminants and contribute to healthier and cleaner air.

In this article, we’ll look at what is involved in a professional air duct cleaning session. In most cases, air duct cleaning involves three main steps.

1) Inspection

The first step is contacting a ventilation cleaning company to request an inspection. This is important if your system hasn’t been used or cleaned in a while, or if you’ve taken over the premises and aren’t sure of what the previous maintenance schedule was like.

The company will send a professional to have a detailed look at the unit’s air ducts and filters. Doing so allows them to assess the amount of build-up and to determine the extent of cleaning needed.

The inspection also helps spot maintenance issues, such as cracks and leaks that may cause issues during cleaning and affect the overall functioning of the ventilation system.

2) Cleaning

Once the cleaning company has an accurate idea of what needs to be done, they’ll arrange a cleaning session that typically lasts a few hours.

The Duct Cleaning Engineers will use special tools to dislodge any stubborn particles. This may include different types of brushes, which can be manual or electric. The brushes clean the insides of the pipes, knocking the dust and debris loose.

Once that’s done, the engineers will use a powerful vacuum to remove what’s left behind in the ducts. For good measure, both cooling and heating components will be cleaned.

In some cases, air filters will be replaced once the ducts are clean.

3) Finishing Up

The cleaning session concludes with a few finishing touches, which include sealing the air ducts back up, cleaning the vent covers, and putting them back in. Getting a professional company to clean air ducts in your ventilation system will help maintain indoor air quality without disrupting your business operations.

It’s always recommended to hire a SafeContractor company with industry-specific accreditations to perform this type of cleaning. In this case, you should be looking for a NAADUK-registered company, such as Europa Ventilation Cleaning Services.

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