Commercial air duct cleaning services have become commonplace in recent years, with specialist companies promising effective results for businesses who are keen to improve the quality of air flow around their premises. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) units are well-known to operate less efficiently if crucial components, such as heating and cooling coils, become contaminated, but the effectiveness of cleaning supply ducts is often debated.

Air duct cleaning definitely has its merits and working with a professional air supply duct cleaning specialist will result in more effective and beneficial results than choosing an inexperienced contractor who cuts corners to save money.

Air Duct Supply Cleaning: Is It Necessary?

Effective air circulation is essential in indoor workplaces and is stipulated as a requirement by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for clean air to reduce the number of days lost to ill-health as a result of bacteria and viruses being recirculated in the workplace.

According to the HSE, premises and business managers must ‘make sure there is an adequate supply of fresh air in any workplace’, including the use of ‘mechanical ventilation – fans and ducts which bring in fresh air from outside’.

Air ducts, therefore, are crucial in supplying fresh air in buildings, but also play an important role in heating premises during cooler weather. If heating, cooling, and the supply of fresh air are not effective, blocked vents may be the cause of the problem.

Block Air Supply Vents: What Action To Take

In the first instance check the vents in the affected room for obstructions. There are many reasons why vents may become blocked, including:

  • Animal infestation, such as nests.
  • Accumulations of dust or debris.
  • Closed or faulty dampers.
  • Soft furnishings.
  • Incorrectly positioned furniture.

Dust and other contaminants may obstruct the free flow of air. If they become loose or dislodged, it’s highly likely that fine particles will be blown around rooms where they can be inhaled, which is particularly problematic for workers with breathing conditions.

The Benefits of Air Supply Duct Cleaning

Irrespective of whether air duct cleaning is always believed to be necessary, there are some important potential benefits that should not be ignored:

  • A demonstration of your business’s active commitment to health and safety in the workplace.
  • Improvements in air quality in the building by reducing dust particles.
  • Prevention of bacterial growth in the ventilation system.
  • Removal of mould.
  • Potential to reduce ‘sick building syndrome’ and limit working days lost to poor health.

If you discover that your air supply ducting does need cleaning, it’s advisable to work with a professional cleaning specialist to carry out the work.

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