Limiting the spread of pathogens has long been a priority in schools and colleges, nurseries, hospitals, and commercial kitchens, where the health and welfare of service users is at stake. Outbreaks of infectious illness in recent years have heightened the need to find effective ways to treat surfaces in order to eliminate bacteria and viruses; however, some conventional cleaning methods offer limited scope, particularly when widespread disinfection is required or pathogens may lurk in difficult-to-reach places.

Electrostatic spray technology has revolutionised commercial surface sanitisation, facilitating more rapid and thorough coverage of large or complex working areas.

What Is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic spraying is a new technology for the application of sanitisers and disinfectants to surfaces. The method is particularly suited for cleaning large areas or equipment that is difficult or time-consuming to clean by hand.

Electrostatic spray systems convert disinfectant liquid into charged aerosol droplets that have an average size of less than 80 micrometres. As the droplets repel one another and are attracted to surfaces, coverage is more widespread and effective, with the droplets sticking to, and even wrapping around, each surface. The system can be used with a range of disinfectants to suit the location and context; for example, to apply a stronger cleaning solution when a bacterial or viral outbreak is suspected.

Where Is Electrostatic Spraying Used?

Electrostatic spraying can be used in any location which is currently sanitised using alternative methods. The system is particularly useful in spacious areas, such as classrooms, washrooms, cafeterias, kitchens, offices, and waiting rooms, where there are many surfaces to clean, copious amounts of furniture, or intricate objects, such as teaching and learning resources.

What Are The Advantages of Electrostatic Spraying?

Compared to conventional disinfection techniques, electrostatic spraying systems deliver some powerful benefits that can improve overall sanitisation and reduce the spread of infection:

Wider Coverage

Electrostatic spraying delivers a wide aerosol mist that covers expansive spaces quickly with a single application, giving you confidence that all areas have been thoroughly sanitised.

Quicker Disinfection

Electrostatic spraying technology can sanitise rooms quickly, without the need for individual objects to be painstakingly cleaned. This is invaluable in rooms with lots of furniture or equipment that, otherwise, would have to be hand-cleaned, or in complex settings, such as car interiors.

Deeper Cleaning

Due to the extremely fine aerosol of charged droplets produced using this method, it is far easier to disinfect difficult-to-reach places, such as in-between the keys on a keyboard or between collections of small objects, such as toys or classroom equipment. Using other cleaning methods, it would be impossible to achieve the same high standard of sanitisation, resulting in the potential for pathogens to survive even the deepest of cleans.

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