Commercial kitchen deep cleaning is a hygienic necessity that must be carried out at least once a year, or more often in a busy or intensive catering operation. Deep cleaning ensures that the kitchen is hygienic and safe, thereby protecting customers and staff from unpleasant or serious infections. During deep cleaning, areas that are normally hard-to-reach, such as behind fridges, are pulled out and cleaned. Hot equipment such as fryers and grills will also be cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning must be carried out by qualified professionals, preferably with extensive experience in the field, such as Europa VCS. In our deep cleans, we remove all dirt and grime, grease and carbon deposits, and food debris from every square inch of the kitchen, including food production areas, cold prep rooms, dishwasher areas, and servers. We also focus on the areas that are often overlooked in daily cleaning, such as ventilated air vents, light fittings, and washable ceiling tiles, ensuring that the entire commercial kitchen is clean and suitable for food preparation and handling.

How Deep Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Could Save You Money


As deep cleaning must be performed by a specialist contractor, you might expect that it would come with a high price. In fact, a regular professional deep clean may be cheaper than you imagine and could even save you thousands of pounds in the long term.

Specialist deep cleaning can extend the usable life of some equipment and kitchen facilities. Valuable items, such as ovens, may appear to be beyond salvation if they are caked in grime and grease, but specialist cleaning can bring these back to life and prevent you from having to invest in expensive replacements. Not only will your kitchen be thoroughly cleaned in a safe and hygienic way, but you could also benefit financially by extending the lifespan of your essential cooking equipment.

How Much Does It Cost To Deep Clean A Kitchen?

Seeking several quotations for commercial kitchen deep cleaning will, inevitably, yield a variety of responses, from the eyebrow raising to the eye-watering. It can be tricky to unpick these and understand how the level of service will vary. For this reason, it’s essential to obtain a full breakdown of the areas that will be deep cleaned, as any shortcuts could result in substandard results that place the health of your customers and staff at risk.

A thorough deep clean of a commercial kitchen should include:

  • Renewing filters as needed.
  • Emptying and cleaning out grease traps.
  • Deep cleaning floor surfaces.
  • Deep cleaning walls and ceilings, including panels, wall tiles, grout, and ceiling tiles.
  • Deep cleaning heavy equipment, including ovens, steamers, fryers, pans, and rotisserie ovens.
  • Deep cleaning secondary equipment, such as fridges and freezers, preparation tables, cupboards, hot plates, and drawers.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sinks, drainers, and work surfaces.


Arrange Your Next Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean With Europa VCS

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