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Is your MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery System) leaving you with dirty air and costing you money?

You need to get it professionally service – it will save you money in the long run and improve the quality of air within your home!!

I have no idea what you mean? But you would agree that Minimising energy consumption in our homes and providing clean fresh air to reduce infection risk is every householder aim.

What is a MVHR System?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a whole house ventilation system that both supplies and extracts air throughout a property. It offers a balanced low energy ventilation solution for new dwellings and re-uses up to 95% of the heat that would otherwise have been lost.

How does it work?

MVHR systems continuously extract moist, stale, and wet air from the wet rooms in your house (e.g., Bathrooms and Kitchens). The air is past over a heat exchange cell which recovers and retains the heat that would otherwise be lost from the extracted air. The heat is then transferable to the incoming fresh air, filtered air that the unit is resupplying back into habitable rooms, resulting in minimal heat losses and a more comfortable indoor environment.

Why do I not know about them?

They are predominantly installed in the construction phrase of the house and normally handed over to the new owner with limited information on servicing requirements; manufacturers recommendation can be as frequent as every 6 months!

Why do they need servicing?

MVHR systems have limited access for cleaning above solid ceilings and under floors so dirt will accumulate quickly in the small ducts especially those linked to the kitchen and toilet areas.  This dirt will restrict the flow of air and once it has built up on the heat exchange cell the whole system becomes ineffective and the householder is then paying for electricity with no benefit from the MVHR system, so they are then losing money.

The air filters fitted as standard are often low grade and changing of these filters is often overlooked so again the units become clogged and ineffective, costing the householder money.

How do we service them?

We ensure our Residential Air Cleaning service is carried out to the correct standard.

Our NAADUK trained, Air Hygiene qualified, team of expert MVHR service engineers use state of the air mechanical brushing systems with on board cameras to remove contaminant deposits from the ducting. The deposits are drawn out of the duct using a HEPA filtered negative air unit which collects them for clinical disposal. They will clean and sterilise the internal components of the heat exchange unit such as the heat recovery cell, fan, condensate pipe and the filters unless they need replacing or upgrading.

Once complete you will receive a hygiene certificate and photographic report to give you piece of mind that your MVHR system is delivering clean air and saving you money.

Antibacterial fogging can also be done to the system, but we would need you to vacate your premises for the duration of the fogging to abide with health and safety regulations.

COVID-19 How do you prepare?

COVID-19 and beyond – Our engineers wear full PPE whilst in your property and all of their equipment is sterilised after every use so you can be happy that you are not exposing yourself to infection from letting us into your home.

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