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Laundry Extract Ventilation Deep CleaningLaundry Extract Ventilation Deep Cleaning

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The majority of internal commercial fire issues seem to be centred around kitchen extraction systems and the amount of cleaning required. However, one of the other areas that is often overlooked or missed is the cleaning of laundry extraction systems.

This is an important service for any commercial organisation that processes large quantities of laundry such as Hotels, Hospitals and Care Homes and as such is at least an equal fire risk.

What is a Laundry Extract System?

Laundry extraction systems are designed to remove airborne lint and dust in the laundry. The build-up of lint and dust over a period leads to clogged up filters, fans and ducting. This not only reduces the health and comfort of working conditions in the laundry but will also constitute a potential fire hazard to all building occupants.

How often does a system need to be cleaned?

As with all cleaning requirements the specific program for each establishment can only be determined by an on-site inspection.

We will carry out a detailed risk survey and provide you with a detailed report including pre/post photographic evidence of the current state of the system and a quotation /schedule of works for future cleaning including a scope of works.

Laundry Extract Ventilation Deep CleaningLaundry Extract Ventilation Deep Cleaning

How Europa Ventilation Cleaning Services assists you?

  • Our highly trained operatives will clean your laundry extract system and remove lint, fibre, and dust particles to leave you with a safe and compliant system.

  • We document every clean with a full report, including before and after photography, so that you can demonstrate your compliance.

How do we clean?

We ensure our Laundry Extract Ventilation Deep Cleaning service is carried out to the correct standard.

Fires in laundry extract systems are all too common over the last decade. What is important is to confirm that the Buildings owner is the person responsible and therefore liable if they are not following the law and follow correct compliancy actions.

Firstly, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 advises that laundry extraction should be regularly inspected and cleaned. Secondly this is supported by the TR/19 documentation that confirms that Laundry systems are classified as medium risk and must be inspected and cleaned regularly. How often is dependent on the workload and frequency of use of the machines involved.

It is important to work out the optimum cleaning intervals to ensure that the system is compliant, and the fire risk is removed. Failure to do so may be construed as negligence if a fire occurs and your insurance may be compromised.

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