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There is considerable evidence to show that uncleaned ventilation systems contribute to the spread of health care associated infections (HCAI).

This is illustrated by the link between the growth and spread of MRSA and other micro-organisms in hospitals. The research showed that dust and debris within uncleaned ductwork along with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems which were typically either warm and humid and often damp environments were the main causes for this type of bacteria to thrive.

How can clean ductwork reduce HCAI’S?

The only realistic way of improving air system flow is by a methodical and thorough cleaning regime along with ensuring that all filtration materials are regularly checked and updated. This requires a systematic schedule that is easy to implement and use both the site’s facilities team for specific jobs and specialist contractors for the more complex work.

How Europa Ventilation Cleaning Services can help and assist

We ensure our Hospital Ventilation Cleaning Services are carried out to the correct standard.

Our specialist trained teams will carry out all aspects of the cleaning of the ducting systems including but not only the grilles, ducting, fans and outside grids.

We use not only the latest hygiene methods and products but also utilize industry leading containment procedures whilst working closely with infection control departments.

As an example of the work conducted, we look at specifically all ceiling grilles and ventilation ducting to be cleaned and certificated. The reason this is important is the various issues that can be found within any stage of the systems.

Air Handling Units can become contaminated particularly at the fresh air inlet with leaves, bird droppings, stagnant water and dead rodents or birds. These areas need at least an annual clean with a six-monthly inspection.

The ventilation grilles and ducts can contain microbial and fungal contaminants that can be blown into rooms whilst extract and return air grilles can become clogged up and therefore the air in the room can become contaminated and therefore swirl dirty air (containing viruses) around the rooms as there is nowhere to go. This will therefore increase the risk of infection within rooms. Grilles and Vents should be cleaned at least annually but definitely also checked six monthly.

We will then create a comprehensive schedule report linking all grilles/vents to relevant ducting and fans (with schematics). This enables a more simplistic but efficient approach in terms of planning /processing the correct work alerting for six monthly checks and annuals cleans or confirming any additional works.

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