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The issues that COVID have brought upon the world have also raised the profile of not only air supply systems through commercial buildings but also the extraction systems covering bathrooms and toilets especially within Hotels.

How the deep cleaning of bathroom extraction systems work?

Click here for an example. In many ways, a bathroom exhaust fan is not unlike the ceiling fan you may have in your bedroom – only it operates in the exact opposite way you might expect. Ceiling-mounted bathroom exhaust fans use the principle of suction to draw odours, moisture, and other elements up and out of your bathroom via a vent. The fan then passes that moisture through the ductwork where depending on the style of the hotel if might link into a larger vertical duct run which then goes up to the extraction fan on the roof.

How does the system get cleaned?

Here is the problem – a good cleaning regime by housekeeping will ensure that the small extract fan should be like this which gets a proper wipe regularly and remove any dust within the unit. If they are more thorough, they will undo the silencer and clean out what could be behind it.

However, what happens to the system next – often two rooms systems link into a cupboard on the corridor and therefore there is another area where there is a build up of fluff/dust and poor circulation. As an example, the flexi duct links from the bathroom to the vertical duct riser. Example of what can be found in the flexi duct and vertical riser are illustrated below:

Pre Bathroom ExtractionDeep Cleaning of Bathroom Extraction System

The system can therefore have build-up of fluff/dust within a moisture environment that can not only create mould areas but also block the ducting at various points through the system.

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How does the system really get cleaned?

We ensure our Deep Cleaning of Bathroom Extraction Systems service is carried out to the correct standard.

The photos are examples of a job completed at the beginning of 2020 at a hotel which had been open for six years and whilst kitchen extraction systems been regularly cleaned and the air supply system through out the hotel had been inspected and occasionally cleaned the bathroom extraction system had never been touched.

An outline of the scope of works is below:

  • To deep clean all 98-bathroom Vents and Grills. This work will be done by unscrewing the flex ducts behind the grills and clean each area with a thin duct brush and vacuum. Where flexi duct breaks during cleaning process to replace accordingly.

  • The system runs from each box connecting two-bathroom extraction systems and then heads-up floor by floor. There are fourteen bedrooms on each floor (Seven on each side) and therefore there are three supporting two rooms and one supporting the last bathroom on each side of the end of the corridor. We will use dust sheets on each floor.

  • In the plant room on the roof deep clean through access doors (majority already installed) all the extract ducting runs and fan by sweeping and vacuum cleaning all dust.

  • Finally, on completion of the above we would look to balance the entire system which has not been working since the recent building works and one of the reasons for the current mold in the bathrooms.

  • On completion of work to supply full list of all air vents clean on each floor and to provide pre- and post-photographs of at least one system per floor plus the entire plant room on the roof. To provide certification as appropriate.

Summary of Deep Cleaning Bathroom Extraction Systems

It is important to know where and how your bathroom extraction systems work. – do you?

Consistently check and clean the Fans in each bathroom – make sure that there is no visible fluff in the system.

Check the link behind the shower extraction Fan and see how much the build-up of fluff/dust is?

Check there is constant access between the bathroom systems and the shower extraction main fan?

Always double check the air controls /volume controls in each bathroom/floor as they are dependant on their closeness to the main extract fan.

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