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In today’s busy catering environments there is often a lack of time and resources to properly maintain the cleanliness of a food production area.

The Food Safety Act is designed to ensure establishments maintain minimum hygiene levels; however, kitchen staff do not always have the time and the correct equipment, chemicals, and expertise to clean a kitchen.

This is where we help you!

Europa-VCS will carry out all Kitchen Deep Clean work in a safe and professional manner.

Our objective will be to remove daily dirt and grime, food debris, grease deposits and carbon deposits from the Food production areas, cold prep rooms, server areas and dishwasher areas.

Critical areas of Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Our Kitchen Deep Clean (K.D.C) can be either the entire food production area or major items. Areas that are cleaned are as follows:

  • Ceilings – Washable Ceiling Tiles, Painted etc. (Not all false ceiling tiles can be cleaned).

  • Ventilated Air Flow Ceilings.

  • Walls, Tiled, Vinyl Painted Walls, Cladding & Stainless-Steel Panels. (Matt Paint will need to be replaced if cleaned).

  • Light Fittings (External Only).

  • Stainless Steel or Aluminium Canopies and their filters including the plenum chamber (see also Kitchen Extract Cleaning) and Extraction Ducting along with industrial Fans and Grids

  • Heavy Equipment – i.e., 4/6 or 8 Burner Ovens, Combination Ovens, Steamers, Deep Fat Fryers, Brat Pans, Convection Ovens, Chicken Rotisserie Ovens.

  • Secondary Equipment – i.e., Prep Tables, Fridges & Freezers (external only), Cupboards, Drawer Units, Sinks, Waste Disposal Units, Hot & Cold Counters.

  • Dishwasher Machines, Carousels, Racks, Trolleys etc.

Commercial Kitchen Deep CleaningCommercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

How do we clean?

We ensure our Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning service is carried out to the correct standard.

Painted Ceilings are washed down using degreasers to remove grease deposits.

False Ceiling Tiles are removed and washed down. (Un-washable false ceilings are vacuumed only).

Ventilated Air Flow Ceilings. Before being removed a note is made of where the double skinned tiles were located. tiles are degreased and replaced grease and smear free.

Walls are washed down with a degreaser, wiped over and polished ensuring no smears remain after.

Floors are scrubbed to try to remove food debris. (It May Not Be Possible To Remove all Staines).

Light Fittings are wiped over and where possible the diffuser removed and cleaned.

Canopies (all types) Degreased of all grease deposits including the plenum chamber and the filters. In accordance with TR19, Health & Safety Regulations and Insurance Company Requirements. The client is advised if the filters need to be replaced with a new set.

Heavy Equipment – Non-Aluminium Items are placed in a Chemical Dip Tank, Main Structure is sprayed with a Heavy Degreaser and all carbon & grease build is removed.

Secondary Equipment – Washed down using a degreaser ensuring that wheels, feet, legs drawers etc are cleaned and all food debris removed. Fridge Motor housing vacuumed.

Dishwashers – External Only- Lime Scale treaded to try to remove as much as possible. (Internal Sections of dishwasher are not cleaned).

If required Stainless Steel Surfaces are Polished, Copper Pipe work Buffed as part of the finishing touches.

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