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air ventilation service
air ventilation service

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This is an essential part of ensuring that your staff are working in a clean & healthy environment. To Improve the quality of air being circulated around the building and help to reduce the number of working days lost due to bacteria being passed around from person to person through air supply system.

Critical areas of Air Supply Duct Cleaning

  • Health & safety requirements.

  • Help Reduce ‘Sick Building’ Syndrome.

  • Improve the air quality in the building.

  • Stop bacteria from growing in the system.

  • Help reduce the number of working days lost to illnesses caused by poor air quality.

  • Records should be kept showing when systems were inspected and cleaned.

air ventilation service
air ventilation service

How do we clean?

We ensure our Air Supply Duct Cleaning service is carried out to the correct standard.

Our Cleaning operatives will attend site to carry out the cleaning according to;

H.V.C.A – TR19 Standard.
Insurance Standards.
Health & Safety Regulations.
Site specific procedures.
And Take Before & After Digital Photographs.
Report any areas that cannot be accessed and the reasons why.
Position & Install Industry Standard Access Doors.
By hand – using degreasing chemicals.
Compressed Air – being forced through system and caught by an Industrial Vacuum.
Ventilation Grills will be sealed during the cleaning process and cleaned after.
The system will be sanitised at the end of the clean using a Fogging Unit. This sends a vapour into the duct which will sanitise the full system

On completion of work we will provide you with a comprehensive report including air readings, pre/post photographs as well as relevant certificate.

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