Project Description

Examples of our work include an extremely busy and multi-faceted venue in Essex. It has two large kitchens one of which deals with their conference and Banqueting functions and the other is the main kitchen which supplies breakfast, lunch and dinner to both residents and the local community. It is very popular. Please see a Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Case Study here.

Type of Clean: Kitchen Extraction Clean

Market Sector: Hospitality – Restaurant

The main kitchen requires four ventilation extraction cleans per year. It has three canopies. The only convenient time is on a Sunday night starting at 11.00 pm and having it completed by 5.30am just as the kitchen crew arrive to start breakfast.
Please find below our Schematic of the system which operates over 2 floors.

The scope of the work is to deep clean the Canopies, Filters, Plenum Chambers, Ducting, and Fan on both floors as per the schematics below.
Initially there was a problem as the only access on the system was access doors 5,6,7 & 8. This meant cleaning downwards towards the canopy of which we could only reach 75% of the ducting. We suggested to the owner to place 4 access doors running horizontal to the canopy/ducting through the false ceiling (as per schematic). This gave us full access to the ducting both horizontally and vertically.

Below is the schematic of the system and examples of the Pre/Post photographs of identified areas of the system. The complete report is considerably larger.

Pre CanopyCommercial Kitchen Extraction Deep Cleaning
Pre Plenum Chamber (RHS).Post Plenum Chamber (RHS).
Pre Riser 1Post Riser 1
Pre Riser 2Post Riser 2
Kitchen extract system diagram building contents 1
Kitchen extract system diagram building contents 2