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Case Studies

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Deep Cleaning – Case Study

Examples of our work include an extremely busy and multi-faceted venue in Essex. It has two large kitchens one of which deals with their conference and Banqueting functions and the other is the main kitchen which supplies breakfast, lunch and dinner to both residents and the local community. It is very popular. Please see a Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Case Study here. Type of Clean: Kitchen Extraction Clean Market Sector: Hospitality - Restaurant The main kitchen requires four ventilation extraction cleans per year. It has three canopies. The only convenient time is on a Sunday night

Commercial Bathroom Extraction System – Case Study

Commissioned to deep clean entire bathroom shower extraction system of an 8th Floor Hotel with the Bathroom extraction plant room being on the roof. Please see a Case Study on the Commercial Bathroom Extraction Cleaning that we provide by clicking here. Type of Clean: Bathroom Extraction System Market Sector: Hospitality - Hotels There were 3 keys actions to be completed: - Each Extract Fan in the Hotels bathrooms needed to be removed clean and then remove all dust within the flex duct behind the extractor Fan The Bathroom extract ducting linked from the bathroom to a small

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We deal with many Universities, Secondary and Primary Schools deep cleaning not only their kitchen extraction systems but also their entire commercial kitchens normally during the holiday periods (Half term or main holiday period). Type of Clean: Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Market Sector: Education - 6th Form College As an example, we have dealt with a large 6th form college for over six years. We deep clean the commercial kitchen/ restaurant which supplies their students with a large choice of breakfast and lunches. On top of this, one of their most popular educational courses is catering

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