In commercial kitchens, extraction systems are essential to maintain a clean, healthy working environment, preventing the accumulation of grease, smoke, or other particles that can harm product quality or the health of catering staff. Typically featuring a canopy design above cooking surfaces, an extraction system can be highly effective in removing contaminants but will, over time, become clogged and inefficient.

Therefore, professional kitchen extraction cleaning is essential to maintain the system’s optimum condition, so that the environment remains clean, hygienic, and safe.

Why Is Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Essential?

The filters and ductwork that comprise a kitchen extraction system are predominantly hidden from view, with dust, grease, and other contaminants seeming to disappear as if by magic. Consequently, it’s easy to overlook the cleaning of extraction systems, as any accumulations are likely to be out of sight and, therefore, out of mind.

However, cleaning must not be overlooked as:

  • Without professional extraction cleaning, the system will perform inadequately as the trapped dust and grease will reduce its capacity.
  • Your insurance will require you to maintain a clean extraction system, proof of which should be supplied if requested.
  • Your business has a duty to meet TR19 standards for ductwork cleaning, so professional maintenance will help you to fulfil your legal obligations in the workplace. 

How Often Should Kitchen Extraction Systems Be Cleaned?

The frequency with which an extraction system should be cleaned depends on several factors, including how it is used in food preparation, how often, and for how long. In busy commercial kitchens, such as restaurants and hotels, the system is likely to need more regular cleaning compared to kitchens that are used more infrequently, such as in schools.

All Kitchen Extraction Systems Must Be Cleaned Professionally At Least Annually.

However, bear in mind that, as your system approaches an annual clean, it may not function as effectively due to the build-up of dust and debris. For many busy commercial kitchens, monthly cleaning would be advisable as this will guarantee that the system will continue to operate in excellent working order. Because of the seriousness of the problems caused by an inefficient extraction system, a more cautious approach would be recommended in most situations.

Contact Europa VCS For Professional Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

At Europa VCS, we have 15 years’ experience in the field of kitchen extraction cleaning, complying with the nationally accepted TR19 standards as proof of excellence in our work. As a small business, we can offer an unrivalled flexible approach to meeting your business’s needs and will work in partnership with you to keep your extraction system in outstanding condition. For more information or to request a free quotation, get in touch today.



Image source: Pixabay