It goes without saying that hygiene is a prerequisite in any commercial kitchen. Preventing the spread of food-borne infections is critical to protect the health and wellbeing of customers, to ensure the highest standards of food preparation, and to reduce the risk of fires. Failing to maintain cleanliness in a commercial kitchen is a serious offence that could result in legal penalties or, in the worst-case scenario, the forced closure of your business. Therefore, commercial kitchen owners have a legal duty to ensure their facility is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. But how often is necessary?

How Often Should A Commercial Kitchen Be Deep Cleaned?

It’s likely that your kitchen will receive a basic clean on a regular basis – how frequently may depend on how often it is used. A school kitchen, for example, may only require a clean daily, whereas a commercial restaurant that serves lunch and dinner will require regular cleaning throughout the day.

A deep clean, however, is a more thorough, professional clean that must be carried out in addition to basic cleans. Commercial kitchens must fulfil certain requirements under health and safety law:

  • Commercial kitchens must be deep cleaned as often as required – the more usage, the more often a deep clean is required. In particular establishments that prepare multiple meals throughout the day and use equipment such as fryers may need more regular deep cleaning.
  • A detailed cleaning protocol must be in place to ensure that commercial kitchen cleanliness is consistently of the highest standard.

However, a deep clean can be carried out more often if necessary, if only to offer peace of mind that the facilities are in the best condition possible. One-off deep cleans should be completed in the following circumstances:

  • If new owners are taking over a commercial kitchen.
  • After a period of inactivity (for example, in a school kitchen at the end of a holiday, or a restaurant kitchen following lockdown).
  • If intensive use has been made of a kitchen.
  • If a commercial kitchen has been subjected to excessive dirt, such as construction dust or debris.


Looking For ‘Commercial Deep Cleaning Services Near Me’? How To Choose A Specialist

With many commercial kitchen companies from which to choose, it can be a challenge to select the specialist which best suits your needs. When comparing your options, consider these points:

  1. Will the contractor complete deep cleaning when you require, including ad hoc one-off cleans?
  2. Which areas are included in a deep clean?
  3. Will ventilation systems be cleaned in line with TR19 and your insurance policy?
  4. Does the specialist have a proven track record in commercial cleaning in kitchens like yours?
  5. Can the contractor provide robust and verifiable references?


Get In Touch With Europa VCS For Your Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean Requirements.

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