Grease trap cleaning is an unpleasant task and can be costly if not carried out regularly, so most businesses are understandably concerned to keep their kitchen cleaning expenses as low as possible.

The exact cost of grease trap cleaning depends on several factors but is always less than the potential cost of inaction. All grease management solutions require ongoing maintenance to ensure they operate effectively, and the cost depends on:

  • The size and type of unit.
  • The size of your kitchen operation.
  • The number of meals you produce.
  • The frequency of maintenance and cleaning.

In general, the more regularly a grease trap is cleaned and maintained, the less it costs, and the lower the risk of drain blockages and other issues.

The Cost Of Doing Nothing: Why The Grease Trap Cleaning Cost Is Worth Paying

Grease traps play an essential health and safety role in commercial kitchens, preventing harmful fats, oils, and grease from contaminating the water supply. Not only are these waste products a potential health hazard, but fats can accumulate in narrow drainage pipes, causing blockages, overflows and burst pipes. Even in spacious sewers, large fat deposits can cause major problems that can take days or weeks for professional experts to solve.

Grease traps start losing efficiency once they become 25% full, so regular cleaning – generally every one to three months depending on usage and capacity – is essential. Inefficient or irregular cleaning can lead to a range of problems, including:

  • Interruption to your business: Blocked drains are a major problem in commercial kitchens. In some cases blocked up drains may cause flooding or bacterial contamination, forcing your premises to close until the issue is resolved.
  • Hygiene issues: Blocked drains make it more difficult to ensure that kitchen facilities, such as sinks, are kept clean – a major problem in food preparation areas. Also, poor drainage caused by accumulations of fat or oil results in unpleasant odours that your customers and staff won’t want to encounter!
  • Brand reputation: It goes without saying that the success of your business depends on the reputation of your brand. Unforeseen closures, hygiene problems, and inaccessible guest facilities can combine to give customers the wrong impression. Word travels quickly and the damage can be irreparable.
  • Financial costs: Drains blocked by fat, oil, or grease can be troublesome to clean and always require expert service, which can be expensive. If a neighbour experiences blocked drains as a result of negligence on your part, you could have hefty fines imposed if the case goes to court. It’s cheaper and more efficient to keep on top of grease trap cleaning with an experts help on a regular basis, to prevent fats building up to the stage that they spill over into the drains.

Professional Cleaning Solutions From Europa Ventilation Cleaning Services

For convenience and peace of mind, many commercial kitchens set up a regular cleaning schedule with an experienced contractor, such as Europa Ventilation Cleaning Services.

At Europa-VCS, we offer professional commercial grease trap cleaning services for kitchens, restaurants, and other catering outlets, alongside a range of other cleaning solutions. Whether you need one-off cleaning or problem resolution, or ongoing cleaning and maintenance, we provide a cost-effective service matched to the needs of your business.

As part of a regular preventive maintenance schedule, we can ensure your grease traps are cleaned before they become too full to be effective, and dispose of fats, oils, and grease in a safe and environmentally friendly way. With our service electronically recorded for inspection by the Environment Agency, you can be confident that your business will comply fully with the law.

To find out more, please call today to speak with one of our commercial cleaning specialists.

Image source: Pixabay