Frequently Asked Questions

This is a selection of the most frequently asked questions… If you have a different question please get in touch via our contact page.

No – All surveys are free of charge no matter what the size of potential job. We also aim to survey at the best time for clients – so for example Schools wanting kitchen and or extraction  deep clean surveys  like them to be done after lunch service (2pm onwards).

We cover predominantly the Midlands and the South of England . However we do have some clients who require work done in the north of England and Scotland and we have accommodated this work.

We have five teams strategically placed around /near our designated areas. Their home bases are Stevenage, Fleet, Maidstone, Swindon, Stratford upon Avon  and Stafford and usually cover a 50 mile radius with some overlap.

We have a combined mix of plenty of experience  and qualifications. All the senior management and team leaders (plus other long serving members)  have been through the AEME Kitchen extraction training courses and passed and we are members and contributors of NAADUK. The senior management and team leaders have over 75 years’ experience within the industry.

We operate 7 days a week 24 hours a day  as many of our clients have different operating hours and our work the majority of the time needs to be when there operations are closed. For example we clean schools in the holiday periods, Restaurants  and Hotels over night and Care Homes at an agreed time to suit their operation.

It is why we have to visit site as we have no idea of your usage time and the current state of your system. If we are explaining over the phone I would explain what a system consists of and what we have to check to give you the correct price and recommended cleaning schedule.

For example the system will have a Canopy, Filters ( Baffle or Mesh), a Plenum Chamber (holding area behind the filters) and then at least one exit point from the canopy . This can be horizontal or vertical  ducting  but what we have to check is that we have access to all parts of the ducting to make sure we can clean it. If required we will recommend access doors to make sure all parts of the ducting has access.  Then finally we will deep clean the fan  which runs the system and grid.

We can never say over the phone and need to visit site in the majority of cases( exception being small system with the Fan within visual distance from the Canopy). Once we visit site we will ensure  that not only will you receive a quote but also a schematic drawing of your system and a proposed schedule re numbers of cleans per year. if the system has not been cleaned for some time we may have to confirm this after the initial clean. On completion of the clean you will receive a Pre/Post Photographic report as well as the relevant certificate.

We work with our clients (and their budgets) . We break down our quotes into structure of the kitchen, hot equipment , cold equipment and the ventilation system. This enables our clients to prioritise what needs doing along with our expertise. The kitchen extraction system is a legal requirement.  We usually find that hot equipment ( Fryers, 6 burner ovens etc) benefit hugely from our deep cleaning  techniques  whilst the structure of a kitchen  has parts that are not visible when the catering teams are doing their daily clean. We therefore pull out all equipment and get into the corners etc and make good. In terms of cold equipment we ensure that the undersides of items like tables, sinks etc get cleaned and we spend time on the legs and wheels of Fridges etc.  Our expertise is past on from the survey date al the way to the end of the clean. If we can see areas that can keep your cost down we will pass it onto you.

Yes for all works completed  but we also supply more – for peace of mind we will provide you with a Pre and Post Photographic report which includes (if relevant) a schematic of your system . This report will show you areas that you cannot see  and/or the pre/post state of equipment.  The certificate will state the date of the clean and when your next clean will be required?