Europa VCS are premier providers of industrial vent and duct cleaning for commercial kitchens in and around Birmingham.

Our Services

We offer commercial kitchen deep-cleaning, commercial kitchen extraction cleaning, ventilation cleaning, and air duct cleaning. Our professional teams clean and de-grease kitchens in schools, hotels and restaurants, and hospitals to create spaces that are safe and efficient. When cleaned to T19 standards, the risks of fires and overheating are minimised, and damage from humidity is reduced. When working in hygienic spaces, employees throughout Birmingham also benefit from productive working environments untarnished by odours or bacteria.

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Our Deep Cleaning Strategies

The expert cleaning teams at Europa VCS use a range of techniques to deep-clean commercial kitchens and bathrooms. Techniques include cleaning by hand, the application of specialist chemicals, and a range of strategies such as steaming and blasting to remove even the most stubborn traces of grease and fat.

With our cutting-edge equipment and specialist insight, we can reach areas of the vents and ductwork that are challenging to access, offering our clients complete peace of mind.

Decontamination Services

In addition to comprehensive cleaning solutions, Europa VCS offers businesses in and around Birmingham a range of decontamination options. Our fumigation strategies enable sites to be made Covid-19 safe, and also free from types of bacteria such as C.difficile.

If your premises requires specific hygiene ratings or requires deep-cleaning, Europa VCS is here to offer a discrete, thorough, guaranteed service.

Areas We Work

Europa VCS serves clients in Birmingham and surrounding towns and villages such as Alvechurch, Cleobury Mortimer, Stratford Upon Avon, and Tamworth, and include hospitals, schools, hotels, and restaurants. Our cleaning is tailored to commercial kitchens both old and new and is adjusted for sites with intensive or sporadic use. Where possible, we organise a deep cleaning schedule that does not require downtime, ensuring a highly efficient and flexible service.

Why Choose Europa VCS?

Our specialist teams are experienced at providing thorough ventilation and ductwork cleaning that fits around the demands of commercial kitchens. With our flexible approach, we can work whilst sites are closed to offer the highest levels of quality. Our teams can access remote and hard-to-reach areas, providing guaranteed quality for complete peace of mind.

At Europa VCS, we offer guaranteed standards of cleaning to help clients achieve outstanding levels of safety. Our professional service is authenticated with full documentation to satisfy insurance requirements, and our personalised approach enables sites in Birmingham to instigate cleaning regimes that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

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