Europa VCS are leading providers of ventilation and ductwork cleaning for commercial properties in and around Bath.

As a popular tourist city and business centre, kitchens and bathrooms in many of Bath’s schools, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels have unique requirements regarding access and maintenance.

At Europa VCS, our professional teams are experts at making kitchens safe, efficient, and T19 compliant, protecting buildings and employees from the risk of fires. By opting for Europa VCS, customers in Bath can achieve the correct insurance coverage whilst improving operational efficiency.

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What We Do

The commercial cleaning experts at Europa VCS use a variety of methods to comprehensively clean ventilation systems and ductwork.

We offer commercial kitchen deep-cleaning, commercial kitchen extraction cleaning, ventilation cleaning, and air duct cleaning.

Our Europa VCS onsite teams will apply a minimally-invasive chemical cocktail to dissolve stubborn fats, and will use a combination of manual and water-based treatments to flush away the residue. Once treated, equipment will have a much lower risk of fire, and will have greater energy efficiency. Cleaned ventilation systems will have lower humidity and fewer odours, leading to a hygienic and comfortable environment for employees.

Additional Services

At Europa VCS, we can help with all areas of commercial hygiene. Our solutions include decontamination, which is required following bacterial or viral outbreaks such as Covid-19. We also work closely with clients throughout Bath to design simple and effective cleaning schedules that may improve the efficiency and lifespan of commercial ventilation equipment.

Our Sectors

The professionals at Europa VCS have insight across a range of sectors, enabling our teams to respond to the unique requirements of the hospitality, medical, and educational industries.

Our experience enables us to offer efficient and effective solutions that are tailored to busy schedules, school holidays, and seasonal fluctuations. For instance, we often carry out cleaning in restaurant kitchens during the night to avoid unnecessary closures.

Why Choose Europa VCS?

At Europa VCS, we understand the complex requirements of keeping commercial kitchens clean and safe. We use the latest technologies to achieve outstanding results with minimal interruption for sites. Our specialists are experienced in accessing hard-to-reach areas and working in older properties in and around Bath.

Our Promises

At Europa VCS, we promise to deliver the highest quality of ventilation and ductwork cleaning for commercial properties throughout Bath. Our comprehensive and personalised approach will help kitchens to perform safely and efficiently, ensuring clients are secure in the knowledge that their installations are free from grease, fat, and germs.

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