Europa VCS are leading experts in hygienic ventilation cleaning solutions for commercial kitchens in Swindon.

Kitchens cleaned by our professional teams comply with T19 standards for excellent levels of safety. When free from grease and grime, commercial kitchens have a reduced fire risk, helping to keep employees safe. By preventing overheating, professional ventilation cleaning in Swindon can also improve the lifespan of equipment and ductwork. When humidity is reduced, the risk of bacterial outbreaks is lower, helping hygiene ratings. Kitchens cleaned by Europa VCS are free from odours, ensuring the comfort of employees and visitors.

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What We Do

The expert teams at Europa VCS use a range of tactics to eradicate grease from ventilation systems and ductwork. We offer commercial kitchen deep-cleaning, commercial kitchen extraction cleaning, ventilation cleaning, and air duct cleaning. Our professionals scrape, loosen, and blast stubborn build-up, using specialist chemicals to dissolve sticky proteins for a stunning, safe result.

Our approach depends upon the age and accessibility of the installation, with multiple options available to respond to individual needs. By designing and implementing long-term maintenance plans, we ensure that commercial kitchens in Swindon run smoothly and safely.

Europa VCS are here to help with all of your commercial hygiene requirements. In addition to kitchens, we clean the ventilation and ductwork in bathrooms, and also offer fogging. Fogging is a decontamination procedure that makes buildings safe after exposure to bacteria or viruses such as Covid-19.

Our specialists will also work with clients to design personalised cleaning schedules designed to ensure safe, compliant, hassle-free environments.

Sectors We Work With

Europa VCS has built a respected presence across many sectors in Swindon, including hospitality, education, and hospitals. Our industry insight enables us to provide tailored services, and our flexible approach enables us to offer cleaning schedules that fit around opening hours, seasonal rushes, and school holidays.

Why Work With Europa VCS?

By choosing Europa VCS to provide comprehensive ventilation and ductwork cleaning, companies enjoy a National Association of Air Duct Specialists (NAAD) certified approach. Our professionals offer a personalised, comprehensive, and efficient service that helps commercial kitchens in Swindon meet their health and safety targets.

At Europa VCS, our promise is to use the latest techniques and equipment to offer exceptional levels of quality for ventilation and ductwork deep cleaning.

By combining a friendly, personalised service with knowledge and experience, we make sure that kitchens throughout Swindon are some of the safest in the country.

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