Europa VCS are one of the leading providers of industrial cleaning solutions for kitchens in and around Coventry.

Our ventilation and ductwork cleaning services help clients to achieve their T19 standards, making Coventry’s commercial kitchens safer. When deep cleaned by the National Association of Air Duct (NAAD) specialists certified experts at Europa VCS, commercial kitchens have a lower risk of fire, are less likely to overheat, and are less humid, all of which increases both safety, energy efficiency, and may improve the lifespan of the equipment. When properly cleaned, kitchens are also free from odours, enhancing the health and wellbeing of employees, for kitchens that are compliant and comfortable.

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Our Ventilation Cleaning Strategies

The professionals at Europa VCS use a range of techniques to reach every area of ventilation and ductwork. We offer commercial kitchen deep-cleaning, commercial kitchen extraction cleaning, ventilation cleaning, and air duct cleaning.

Our teams use specially designed chemicals to loosen grease and fat and remove the residue using a combination of manual tools, water and steam, and blasting. The approach we take depends on the type and age of the equipment, with bespoke solutions available for hard-to-reach installations. We also work with clients to create long-term cleaning schedules that are practical and reliable, often organising the cleaning around school holidays, seasonal uplifts, or during the night when sites are closed.

Additional Services

At Europa VCS, we are experts in all types of hygiene, including commercial kitchen cleaning, bathrooms, and decontamination. The latter is important for sanitising sites following exposure to bacteria and viruses such as Legionnaire’s Disease or Covid-19, and can help to guarantee that buildings are safe for employees, residents, and visitors.

If an urgent hygiene requirement has forced a site in or around Coventry to close, the specialists at Europa VCS will help to get it open again as quickly and safely as possible.

Industries We Work With

Europa VCS offers comprehensive ventilation cleaning services to schools, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals in and around Coventry. We clean sites that are large and small, old and new, accessible and hard-to-access, and we offer flexible, convenient support.

Why Choose Europa VCS?

At Europa VCS, our National Association of Air Duct Specialists (NAAD)-accredited experts are skilled at making commercial ventilation systems safe, quickly and efficiently. By choosing our services, companies benefit from cutting-edge solutions and industry insight, ensuring full health and safety compliance.

At Europa VCS, we provide exceptional levels of quality and care to create outstanding levels of hygiene and safety in commercial kitchens. By choosing our dedicated professionals, you can expect a service that is comprehensive, efficient, and trusted for ventilation systems that perform to the highest standard.

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