Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

The kitchen is definitely one place where you cannot afford to let your standards slip – not only for Hygiene, Health & Safety and Legal reasons but more importantly for the safety of your own staff.

The accumulation of grease deposits in extraction systems present a significant fire hazard . Apart from the fire risk, the accumulation of grease in the extraction system reduces ventilation efficiency resulting in overheating , excessive humidity and a continuing source of unwanted odours.

Why Is Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Essential?

The filters and ductwork that comprise a kitchen extraction system are predominantly hidden from view, with dust, grease, and other contaminants seeming to disappear as if by magic. Consequently, it’s easy to overlook the cleaning of extraction systems, as any accumulations are likely to be out of sight and, therefore, out of mind.

However, cleaning must not be overlooked as:

  • Without professional extraction cleaning, the system will perform inadequately as the trapped dust and grease will reduce its capacity.
  • Your insurance will require you to maintain a clean extraction system, proof of which should be supplied if requested.
  • Your business has a duty to meet TR19 standards for ductwork cleaning, so professional maintenance will help you to fulfill your legal obligations in the workplace.

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How often do I need to clean my kitchen extraction system?

Insurance Companies require that grease extract systems are inspected regularly and cleaned a minimum of once a year depending upon the number and type of meals served. Health & Safety Regulations also carry requirements for the inspection, monitoring, and cleanliness of systems & the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) 2004 act requires a ‘responsible person’ either owner or person in charge of the building to carry fire risk assessments and reduce or remove the risks. Grease extract cleaning is one area that falls under this section.

The minimum recommended intervals for deep cleaning the extraction system are dependent upon the usage of the kitchen. As a general rule of thumb, you should follow the below guidance:

  • Heavy Use – 12-16 hours per day – Quarterly Cleans
  • Medium Use – 6-12 hours per day – Six Monthly
  • Light Use – 2-6 hours per day – Annual

Is your commercial kitchen extraction system due a clean?

There are areas that you can check yourself to ensure the current state of your system:

  1. Make sure you know where your ducting runs from the Canopy
  2. Look at your Filters in the Canopy – How dirty are they?
  3. Take out one of your filters and look at the run behind it – How much grease is in the chamber?
  4. If the ducting run from the Canopy is longer than three metres are there any access doors in the system? If not how has it been cleaned?
  5. Finally, ensure you know where the Fan and extract grid are – check if the fan blades are grease-free and the grid clean.

If you find a lot of grease in any of the areas mentioned above, it is likely that your system needs a clean.


Our Service

Our Surveyor will attend site to survey your system (free of charge) to determine the following information:

  • Condition & type of extract system. (Ultraviolet System, Self-Wash Canopies etc).

  • Number & Type of Access Panels. (and size if required).

  • Grease Build Up Levels in the system and Canopy, using a grease depth gauge.

  • Last Clean Date & Frequency.

  • System Length and Trace from Canopy to Atmosphere.

  • Put together a competitive costing for a personalised service.


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Benefits of working with Europa-VCS

From our perspective, we believe we provide an extremely efficient and professional service at a competitive price.

We operate 364 days a year 24 hours per day 7 days per week to fit in with all operational requirements of our clients. We operate to the NAADUK Standards and use a combination of modern products and sensible methodology to ensure systems are cleaned.

All clients are supplied with Pre/Post-photographic reports along with schematics of the system and noted Micron report levels. This can be used as part of the proof of compliancy for all current regulations. This is all backed up with full insurance documentation, risk and method statements, and comprehensive training for all team members. Once the work is complete and has been inspected by our management team a Hygiene Certificate (Grease Extract Cleaning Only) will be issued.


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At Europa VCS, we have 15 years’ experience in the field of kitchen extraction cleaning, complying with the nationally accepted TR19 standards as proof of excellence in our work. As a small business, we can offer an unrivaled flexible approach to meeting your business’s needs and will work in partnership with you to keep your extraction system in outstanding condition. For more information or to request a free quotation, get in touch today.


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