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How Often Should A Commercial Kitchen Be Deep Cleaned?

It goes without saying that hygiene is a prerequisite in any commercial kitchen. Preventing the spread of food-borne infections is critical to protect the health and wellbeing of customers, to ensure the highest standards of food preparation, and to reduce the risk of fires. Failing to maintain cleanliness in a commercial kitchen is a serious offence that could result in legal penalties or, in the worst-case scenario, the forced closure of your business. Therefore, commercial kitchen owners have a legal duty to ensure their facility is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. But how often is necessary?

The Costs Of Deep Cleaning A Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning is a hygienic necessity that must be carried out at least once a year, or more often in a busy or intensive catering operation. Deep cleaning ensures that the kitchen is hygienic and safe, thereby protecting customers and staff from unpleasant or serious infections. During deep cleaning, areas that are normally hard-to-reach, such as behind fridges, are pulled out and cleaned. Hot equipment such as fryers and grills will also be cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

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